The Cowboy Booster Club Spring Awards night was held on Tuesday, May 21. Track, baseball, softball, X-Press and Drama all gave out awards, along with participation and letter certificates provided by the Booster Club. Quality Printing provided the programs and certificates, and Premiere Awards provided the plaques.

The Doyle K Swallow Scholarship award is given to best male and female students and is based on input from all of the coaches and advisors. The winners of the 2013 Doyle K Swallow Scholarship Award were Brandon Jenson and Whitni Johnson.  Michael Stewart, James Anderson, Brandon Nielson, Tegan Owens, Whitney Houston, Ashley Cserepas and Mariah Clayson all received multiple votes for this award.

The coaches and advisors voted on the Coach of the Year award, which was given to Karen Kelly. Coach Kelly is and has been the Track Coach at Kanab High for years and does a great job with our kids, both on the field and in the classroom. Hal Hamblin, Mickey Houston, Kamie Houston and Bucky Orton also received votes for that award. 

This year, the Booster Club board voted to give out four special True Cowboy Awards: Lex Chamberlain for his years of support on the UHSAA board; Dr. Doug Jacobs for his support of activities at Kanab High School and great working relationship with the Cowboy Booster Club; Arlene Judd for her awesome behind the scenes effort with the Kanab High students and work with the Booster Club’s account; and Kim Quarnberg for her years of service with the students in the classroom and on the dance floor. These four individuals have touched the lives of our youth in immeasurable ways and exemplify the meaning of “True Cowboy”!

The Booster Club held elections for board members to replace Rick Stewart, Harry Barber and Dave Owens (Owens will move to past president and support the new board). The new board members are Tressa Clark, Julie Jenson and Duke Reidhead.

The Cowboy Booster Club supports all the groups at Kanab High School, mainly by selling stadium seats in the gym and doing lunch and dinner in the park on the Fourth of July.