At the May 7 Kane County Commission Meeting, the commissioners announced Kane County will begin prosecuting people who use various washes as their personal dump. It is so bad, cameras have been located in several of the worst areas.

Kane County Roads Department Manager Bert Harris requested more ‘No Dumping’ signs to remind people it is illegal where they are dumping old furniture, bags of trash, appliances, beer cans, etc. Shooting at ‘No Dumpling’ signs or other county signs as a target is a cost to the public because they have to be replaced. The county has stepped up monitoring these illegal activities and warns they will prosecute.

In other business, the commissioners approved amending a Subdivision Plat involving the Kane County Water Conservancy District and the Zion View Mountain Estates. One lot was divided to accommodate a water pumping station and an electrical sub-station.

The commission approved a tax deferral for one year due to health issues.

The Master Road Agreement with Dixie National Forest was discussed and returned with recommended changes. The objection was the use of some terms, which would require Kane County to do snow removal on Cedar Mountain. Snow removal on Cedar Mountain by Kane County has traditionally not been part of the agreement.

Regarding roads on Cedar Mountain, Commissioner Jim Matson suggested sending a letter to the Regional Forester in Ogden for the transfer of title of the roads Kane County does maintain.

Sheriff Lamont Smith gave an update on the scheduling of the SARS Building. He said the building needs to be used and he wants it used. However they are starting to have scheduling conflicts, and he is concerned about depreciation of equipment.

So far, use of the building has been free, but there are some priorities. Law enforcement activities and training should take precedence. There are several social activities, family re-unions, etc. Smith asked about people using the building with no charge, who teach classes and charge for their services. Details will be worked out for a building use policy.

With the change in leadership within the Five County Association of Government and new programs, the annual budget contribution for 2014 will rise from $15,000 to $20,000. They will work more closely with the counties with Natural Resources.

Matson said, “The counties are getting a good deal for their contribution.” He reported all the counties have consensus and feel good about Five-County’s new function of dealing with natural resources and federal agencies.

Kane County has agreed to partner with Garfield County with the Federal Forest Resource Coalition Associate Membership at $500 per county. The goal is to harvest more trees and for more local input. Matson will be the representative for both counties.

House Bill 142 provides for an economic study by the University of Utah. According to Matson, it will show economic benefits, which the state will need to get involved. Examples would be to acquire lands, transferred from federal to state, and most important to get out of the “cloud and hammer of NEPA.” The results would be positive for the livestock industry, mining leases, oil and gas. Basically, it will increase the economy and benefits of rural areas. The study should be completed in five months. Matson believes it will do away with so many gridlocks.

Matson also reported on the proposed airport coalition with the city. The county needs to consider what is in it for the county and citizens. He suggested, “We want to be fair and consistent with all communities in the county. We need to develop plan and priorities.” The city and county are still working on details for a win/win for all citizens.

The commissioners discussed the North Alton Haul Route process. With back hauls, the gravel will be coming out of Garfield County. They need to find out the actual number of hours the truck company will be using.

Access to the county roads right of way for The Top of Zion run was approved as long as county requirements are met.

Resolution 2013-8 establishing a Kane Community Coalition was approved.

With commissioner reports, Commissioner Doug Heaton said Utah Association of Counties is working on a bill to present for the 2014 legislature that can change and modify the International Building Code. This will benefit smaller and more rural counties that do not face the same issues large urban areas do. “One size does not fit all.”

Commissioner Dirk Clayson has responded again to SUWA’s latest article on RS-2477 roads, pointing out their information is not accurate, this time regarding the Swag Road. Clayson stated, “This is a circus act by SUWA.” The photos they used do not relate to the North Swag Road.

There was no citizen input.