The sixth stage of the impossible2Possible (i2P) World Expedition Series will have five Youth Ambassadors (ages 17-21) embark on the journey of a lifetime as they attempt to run nearly 200 miles across the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The i2P Youth Ambassadors are part of a unique challenge-based learning program that pushes the limits of human possibility, while delivering one-of-a-kind educational experiences to students around the world.

Throughout their expedition the i2P team will share the arduous and exhilarating experience of running nearly a marathon per day for eight consecutive days, while students in classrooms follow along by taking a virtual journey through time spanning 270 millions years of dinosaurs and geologic history.

The non-profit impossible2Possible offers youth an opportunity to take part in monumental efforts designed to push themselves beyond any perceived mental and physical boundaries, while simultaneously educating thousands of teammates following along from classrooms around the globe.

Throughout this unique experiential learning program the team communicates in real-time with the viewing audience in the classroom and an even larger audience via the World Wide Web.

Led by impossible2Possible founder Ray Zahab and co-founder Bob Cox, the i2P team will begin running on May 12 and complete the nearly 200 mile run on May 19. The expedition marks the sixth chapter of the “i2P World Expedition Series” which began in 2009 with an unsupported crossing of the Akshayuk Pass in the Canadian Arctic.

Since then, the organization has created learning programs from Siberia, the Northern Sahara Desert in Tunisia, the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, the mountains of Bolivia, the Thar desert in India, the Kalihari Desert in Botswana, the Atacama Desert in Chile, and a cross continent run of South America.

The Youth Ambassadors are Alexander Affleck – Canada, Emma Morley – USA, Steve Drost – USA, Colin Henderson – Canada, Holly Bull – Canada.

impossible2Possible is a U.S. 501c3 with a mission to use the platform of adventure and technology to educate, inspire, and empower the global community to reach beyond their perceived limits and make positive change in the world.

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