Hospital Auxiliary President Emma Norton and Treasurer Mary Jensen were in attendance at the April 2, 2013 board meeting, requesting the Kane County Human Resources Special Service District Hospital Governing Board, the owners of the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store, to consider purchasing the one-acre lot south of the Thrift Store to be used for the Auxiliary’s future use.

Norton and Jensen reported the average monthly income made by the Thrift Store is approximately $10,000, with expenses totaling $3,400, which includes payroll, utilities, etc.

The balance is destined for deposit to the Utah Public Treasurers Fund (PTIF). This fund may be used by the hospital for equipment and improvements as necessary. Since the hospital owns the Thrift Store, a money- making endeavor, Norton and Jensen suggested the purchase would be a beneficial asset to the hospital, Thrift Store and community. Income from the store could pay towards the purchase price. The rental monies from Laid Back Larry’s restaurant that is located on the property could be used as well.

Chairman Chad Szymanski thanked the Auxiliary members for all the hard work they do on behalf of the hospital. The board considered the request. It was decided to table the matter, until further research could be obtained.

Chief Nursing Officer Charlene Kelly reported six new monitors have been installed in the nursing unit, courtesy of the Auxiliary through the PTIF funds. There were six newborns in the month of February. “Everything is working well,” said Kelly.

Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya announced the Hospital Foundation is in the process of seeking more members. The Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds for special projects needed for the hospital. A letter will be sent to current members encouraging them to participate in meetings as a quorum, since that’s needed to change the term limit of officers as specified in the existing by-laws.

Pandya talked about the customer service training given to all the hospital department heads. The board received a letter from the Office of the State Auditor concerning Local District Governing Boards. Utah Code 17B-312 states that, “Each member of a board of trustees of a local district should, within one year after taking office, complete training developed by the State Auditor in conjunction with the Utah Association of Special Districts.”

This training is designed to help governing boards increase their understanding of their role, functions, and responsibilities. Topics to be covered: ethics, nepotism, insurance, meetings, minutes, record retention and public access, budgets, accounting, financial reporting, purchasing and personel.

Local training will be held in St. George on April 16, 2013. All board members are invited to attend.