A case near and dear to Kane County, Troy James Knapp, 45, referred to as the ‘Mountain Man,’ has been arrested! He had been suspected in numerous Cedar Mountain cabin occupations and burglaries in Kane and Iron Counties. The Kane County Sheriff’s office has worked on the case for years, with Deputy Dathan Chamberlain as the lead investigator.

Knapp’s background was growing up in Michigan, later going to Salt Lake and California. After a stint in prison, he went on the run in 2004. He traveled through Washington and Iron Counties, basically as a homeless man.

From 2007 to 2010, he had his way with Cedar Mountain. He broke into numerous cabins, and used or stole what was there. Knapp’s behavior later escalated. In 2011, Kane County deputies recovered evidence from a cabin burglary that linked Knapp to numerous crimes.

In early 2012, due to Kane County’s work on the case, Knapp’s photo was sent around to law enforcement agencies and made available to the public. Too much scrutiny! There were several sightings in Kanab. The suspect then moved north.

He was captured near Sanpete County. He encountered a man and his son searching for shed horns on a narrow trail. Knapp seemed odd to them. He was armed and somewhat recognizable. They called authorities in Emery County.

Local law enforcement and U.S. Marshals, who have been involved, grouped together and got search teams organized. He was found near a cabin when Knapp shot at a law enforcement helicopter. That didn’t work well for him – he was arrested.

“It’s been a complex case,” said Kane County Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover, “We are tickled he has been caught. We think he’s dangerous.”

On Cedar Mountain, Knapp is suspected of raiding/ robbing dozens of Kane County cabins, and has arrest warrants on numerous charges.