The Kane County Commission met for their regular meeting with Commissioner Doug Heaton out of town and excused. There was no public input.

The county has partnered with the BLM to develop a Tiger Beetle Conservation Plan amendment to the State Fish and Wild Life Service Plan. This amendment would avoid listing the Tiger Beetle as an endangered species. The state wants more land set aside than proposed at this time.

The plan is not yet ready. Commissioner Dirk Clayson stated, “The county has no statistical data to rely on. The methods for data continue to change by the agencies involved.”

However, it is in the interest of the county to get the amendment passed. Clayson also stated, “We need to keep some of the beetles out of the conservation area and compare the difference. We need a statistician – there are too many like-minded people making decisions.”

The commission agreed to sign the document, subject to review of the final changes. The commissioners thanked BLM Wildlife Biologist Lisa Church for her work and leadership on this project.

The Alton Road issue has been resolved after some trading with other projects in the state. The already approved grant for the road was planned for 2016, and then moved back to 2017. With two different trades, the first trade getting the project to 2015 and the second getting the trade to 2013, the county can now proceed on the Alton project without borrowing funds. The trades were approved.

Lou Pratt has obtained the proper signatures for property right for Natural Resource Conservation Service, form ADS78, and their Emergency Watershed Projects, for the Virgin River and the Cottonwood Road by the Paria River.

The commission approved Resolution 2013-4, which is Kane County support of the Healthy Forest Management and Wild Fire Prevention Act of 2013. They also approved sending a letter to relevant federal officials in support of the Healthy Forest Management and Wild Fire Prevention Act of 2013.

While on this subject, Commissioner Jim Matson reported at the National Association of Counties meeting in Washington last week. Garfield and Kane Counties met with the Forest Service regarding ongoing action and management of the Forest Service.

Another federal agency, USA Rural Housing Service, wants a tax waived for property that is now in foreclosure in Vermillion Cliffs. The county rejected waiving taxes, stating it is not a “valid tax exemption.” The county treasurer will write USA Housing, informing them of the county’s decision.

Floyd Anderson, Salt Lake City, was granted a one-year tax deferral with a payment plan approved for his property in Duck Creek.