The former Paria River District which is now part of the Bryce Canyon District, held its annual recognition dinner at the new Kanab Utah Stake Center on February 27, 2013. The cultural hall was filled with tables, chairs, decorations, Scouts and Scouters. The highlight of the evening was the recognition of the 20 new Eagle Scouts in Kane County during the past year.

Three Scouters were awarded the District Award of Merit for outstanding service to Scouting in the district. The Award of Merit recipients were Ben Clarkston, Paul Chapman and Paul Thevenin.

The Eagles recognized this year are: Kailab N. Bowler, Fredonia; Calab Cluff, Fredonia; Kyrho Bleau Callis, Page; Tom Preller, Page; Ethan Blake Fullerton, Page; Kobe Jaz Allan, Kanab; Russell L. Alldredge, Kanab; James Anderson, Kanab; Kyle Clarkson, Kanab; Russell Clarkson, Kanab; Chandler Clarkson, Kanab; Sean Clayson, Kanab; Yanni Gallagher, Kanab; Tyson Leland Gant, Kanab; Scott Jacobs, Kanab; Payton Jones, Kanab; Jaylon Reidhead, Kanab; Craig Stirland, Kanab; Brent Kasen Palmer, Glendale; Tanner Armstrong, Kanab.

The keynote speaker was Lt. Col. David A Taylor, son of Don Taylor of Kanab. Taylor became an Eagle Scout at age 14 and was a member of the Order of the Arrow. He graduated from Kanab High School in 1985 and attended SUSC before serving an LDS mission in the St. Louis, Missouri area. He is married to Lourdes Der and they have three children.

Taylor graduated from BYU in 1991 as a captain in the Air Force ROTC. He served at Nellis AFB where he became a First Lieutenant working as program manager. In 1996, he moved to Ohio Wright Patterson AFB working in the Air Force institute of Technology Masters of Science program and became a Captain. He moved to Hill Air Force Base in 1999 and in 2002 became a Major and moved to Los Angeles AFB where he was Chief of the Wideband Capfiller Satellite System.

In 2007, Taylor became a Lieutenant Colonel and served as chief of program controls for the national security agency at Buckley AFB in Aurora, Colorado. In 2011, he was distinguished officer of the year for DAU and received a joint commendation medal.

Taylor just returned from a year in Afghanistan where he served as Chief Acquisitions Officer overseeing military sales for the Afghan army and police. He also served as Branch President for the LDS Branch in Kabul.

The theme of Lt. Col. Taylor’s presentation was “Irreversible Momentum.” He reviewed the Scout Oath and how it provided Irreversible Momentum to the way he learned to live and serve and compared it to the goals of the military in Afghanistan. To serve with honor and to help others gain their own Irreversible Momentum has been his goal, as he was responsible to acquire billions of dollars of equipment to help the Afghan people defend themselves and their liberty. He challenged the new Eagle Scouts to have that Irreversible Momentum they have experienced as they have grown in Scouting, and use it to help others throughout their lives.

Congratulations to the new Eagle Scouts, Award of Merit recipients and all of the Scouts and Scouters for a great evening. May we all strive to serve with honor as we live and work in our free country and community.