During the homecoming basketball game on February 1, the Long Valley FFCLA chapter honored the volunteer EMTs and firefighters of the surrounding communities of Valley. We began with a moment of silence for Lucy Heaton, who lost her life this past winter responding to a call. As a token of appreciation for their countless hours of service, we presented them with a wooden plaque and a bag of homemade goodies. They received a standing ovation from the communities as a symbol of their gratitude.

The following individuals were honored as our beloved firefighters: Chris Schmitz, Max Jacobs, Allie Jacobs, Earl Levanger, Ursula Bullen, Greg Steimly, Ben Steimle, Tim Esplin, Tim Allen, Sierra Lamb, Blaine Harris, Paul Cox, Heather Wood, Brain Heaton, Jim Wood, Eric Baron, Stacy  Baron and Lucy Heaton.

Our wonderful EMTs honored were: Connie Goulding, Deone Baird, Loretta Crofts, Marylee Smith, Burt Reeve, Nathan Esplin, Sue Lamb, Clark Atwood, Wade Heaton, DeLynn Ranes, Jim Wood, Eric Baron, Stacy Baron and Lucy Heaton.

We hope everyone will take a moment out of their busy lives to thank these wonderful citizens of our surrounding communities. We are grateful for these marvelous people. Thank you!