Ken Gotzen-Berg, Director of Tourism and Film Commission, announced last week that Tyler Cornell has accepted the position of Recreation Director for Kane County and Kanab. The purpose of the position is to help bring our area to the next level of economic development through having a broad range of recreational activities and events year-round for all age groups. Gotzen-Berg said, “Tyler brings with him a great deal of experience, insight and enthusiasm that will greatly benefit our community!”

Cornell dazzled the selection committee with his upbeat and exciting vision and foresight. He did his homework, brings a unique set of skills, and comes well prepared to immediately begin to make a difference. He started his new job Tuesday.

Cornell says his first priority is “…to give a big thank you to the individuals who always volunteer. They need to know they are amazing and we should all appreciate the endless hours and efforts they give. I look forward to working with them.” Part of Cornell’s job is to help recruit and support volunteers.

When asked what he is most excited about with his new job, Cornell said, “I’m excited for the challenge this job presents, for I feel very optimistic about my role. I’m excited to be a part of helping our youth advance through the recreation programs, getting our adults involved, and bringing outside events into Kane County. With the help of our great volunteers, I will add more recreation programs and events in Kane County for all ages. One of these programs will involve our 55 and older community. I ask that the community will support new ideas and programs introduced.”

This new position is jointly funded by the county and city. Cornell’s office is located in the Kane County Travel Council/Visitor Information Center, 78 South 100 East, in Kanab.