The biggest loser has been established at Adobe Fitness Center!  The last eight week fitness challenge was our biggest and best yet. There were 28 contestants.

The results were astonishing and the challenge for Adobe Fitness was to calculate who actually was the biggest loser. 

This task fell on Adobe Fitness general manager, Cassie Gorman to add the total loss; body fat, pounds and inches of each participant in order to determine the overall greatest loser which became tough job. Gorman was forced to consult with personal trainers, Josue Rivera and Meghan Quinn for the final decision because it was so very close.

Jeff Hines was incredible; Gorman thought he was the winner by losing over 23 pounds.  Hines’ performance was inconceivable each morning Jeff showed up at 5 a.m. and with mind-blowing determination and stamina he sweated off almost 11 over all inches and 2.7% body fat.  Some still maintain Hines could have been the biggest loser but then Kathy Miles came into the running and did she ever work it up.

We had no idea what a diligent, pro-active dancer an over 55 year old woman could become!  Turn up the music and watch the inhabitation go!  Miles is a Zumba gal, dancing to the hot Latin music as she burned off over 15 pounds, 5.9% body fat and 21½ total inches. The 21½-inch loss did get a boost from her diligence in the spin cycle room as well! She was seen at almost every Tuesday and Thursday evening class at 5:30 pm sharp! Let us introduce Adobe Fitness Biggest Loser as Kathy Miles.  Where did she get that energy after teaching middle school all day?

Third place went to a new comer to AFC, Mark Henson.  Henson came in to try spin cycling and found he enjoyed burning up those calories.  He also was relentless on the Racquetball Court as only his sister, Rebecca Preston can describe.  Remarkable Mark!  We hope you continue on your quest to excellent physical fitness.

Shamaree Welch kicked it up a notch to come in fourth.  She was already physically fit as she teaches one of the toughest Spin Cycling classes at 6 a.m. Monday mornings and 8 a.m. on Tuesday mornings, but wanted to drop the last of her baby fat after having her second child, 10 month old Corbin.  We appreciate Welch and all she does at the Fitness Center.  She even takes a turn watching kids in the play area so other moms can get a work out in.

Noticeable changes in body fat, pounds and inches can be seen in the two fifth place winners, Sasha Avant and Christy Torgerson. Their diligent attitudes and beautiful smiles were seen almost every day!

Adobe Fitness Center would like to give a big thank you! To all of our local merchants who donated many terrific prizes! Rhonda Flatberg from Heartwater massage, Dr. Aaron Cluff from High Desert Chiropractic, Duke’s Clothing, Houston’s Trail’s End Restaurant, Glazier’s Market, Grandma Tina’s Café, The Desert Rose Expresso Bar,  Nedra’s Café, Little’s Kanab Tire Center, The Three Bears, Escobar’s Mexican Restaurant, Redrock Apiaries Honey, and Rewind Diner. We appreciate the support and caring attitude of all our generous merchants!

Check out our schedule and website for more challenge’s through out the year!