The regular Fredonia-Moccasin Unified School District board meeting was held on Monday, December 10 at 5:30 p.m. at Fredonia High School. Board members Marilyn Cox, Monte Griffiths and Ron Johnson attended, Jim Goodnow was excused.

The meeting began with the Superintendent’s report celebrating the Fredonia High School Junior/Senior team that took first place in the Constitution Bowl hosted at Kanab Middle School/High School.

Jane Cluff was given ‘kudos’ for the successful Veterans’ Day program that she organized.

The board was also briefed about the ‘Reality Check’ event hosted at FHS and attended by the neighboring high schools.

Lastly, Ron Taylor, who teaches fifth grade, was congratulated for having 100% attendance during recently held parent teacher conferences.

Board action items included the board’s approval of payroll vouchers, expense vouchers and student auxiliary funds, with Monte Griffiths questioning a $2000 expense to replace outdoor signage on the Fredonia High School gym. Superintendent Nick Bartlett explained the wind had damaged the sign and part of the expense would be covered by the school’s insurance policy.

It was determined by the board that there was not a district need to hold any type of election in the spring to be voted on May 21, 2013. The 2012-13 School Year Performance Based Compensation System for additional teacher compensation was approved after a short discussion concerning how involved the teachers were in setting the goals. Business Manager Dorene Mudrow explained the teachers were heavily-involved and changed their goals to be more in line with the district’s math goals, with factors including standardized testing changes from the TerraNova to the SAT-10.

The board moved into executive session to discuss the resignation of Special Education instructor Daniel Clarkson, effective December 20. Upon returning from the executive session, the board approved his resignation. Marilyn Cox stated, “We would like to see Mr. Clarkson recognized for the service he has performed in the district. His resignation will be leaving a hole in many programs. He has performed well.”

Ron Johnson added, “Many kids have looked up to Mr. Clarkson. He has fulfilled many duties and if he were here tonight, I would tell him ‘thanks’.”

Fredonia Elementary School teachers Jeanne Busener Crookston, Shelley Christensen, Melanie Daley, Casey Daley, Jane Cluff, Regina Finicum, Ron Taylor and Caroline Bundy were all approved to have their work agreements amended to include tutoring duties.

The board discussed the need to change the wording of the district’s mission statement. The mission statement currently reads: “Unite the community in providing access and embracing accountability to attain outstanding achievement.”

Board members would like the mission statement to reflect a line about educating students. Ron Johnson expressed, “I would like the mission statement to be descriptive, including who, what, when, where and why. The mission statement doesn’t give teachers guidance. It should be an overall direction for district goals.”

Marilyn Cox stated, “I would like to see something about the students included.”

Monte Griffiths commented, “I am disappointed that we’re not talking about kids in this mission statement.”

Ron Johnson directed Superintendent Bartlett to, “Please bring something back to the board to include a statement about students and we will review the mission statement again at that time.”

The board accepted money from the Arizona Building Renewal Grant Fund for a new fire alarm system, for which the district will not have to pay out any additional funds. The new fire alarm system will be installed in the high school and its adjoining buildings.

The board returned into executive session for over an hour to discuss Superintendent Nick Bartlett’s evaluation. His evaluation was completed by the attending board members in executive session, with the consensus being that Ron Johnson would review the evaluation with Superintendent Bartlett the following day.