Eleven candidates for the vacant position on the five person Kanab City Council were interviewed by Mayor Nina Laycook and council members Joe B. Wright, Cheryl Brown, Jim Sorensen and Kirt Carpenter Tuesday, Deptember 18 in a well-attended special council meeting in the District Court chambers.

A set of 10 questions, previously given to the applicants, were to be answered within a four minute period, which was quickly found to be an unrealistic time frame when the first person spoke for nearly eight minutes and the rest followed suit.

All of the candidates wanted to give something back to the community they care so much about and most had extensive histories of community service, business acumen and bringing people together to resolve difficult issues.

After the candidates had all been heard, the council took a straw vote that quickly narrowed the field down to the top five vote-getters – Tony Chatterley, Brent Chamberlain, Lisa Livingston, Arlon Chamberlain and Noel Poe. Arlon found he had a long lost cousin in Brent, but explained, “there’s a lot of us (Chamberlains) around here.”

Of the five remaining, Brent Chamberlain outdistanced Lisa Livingston iin the final two, making him the newest member of the city council. Chamberlain moved to Kanab last year, having spent much of his career in Nevada as a mining industry liaison. He is active in the LDS church and Republican party. During his interview, he stated he was interested in historic renovation in the city, and would like to see the highway approaches to the city improved in appearance. “You only get one first impression,” he said.                    

He quoted a long list of boards he had a chair on and business accomplishments before he retired that undoubtedly impressed the council members. In replying to the question about how he would handle divisiveness in the community, Chamberlain answered, “I would favor initiating focus groups to come up with workable solutions to controversial issues facing the community.” He, as did all of the candidates, felt that all sides of a debatable issue affecting Kanab should be heard.

Chamberlain will join the city council at the first meeting of 2013 on Tuesday, January 8, starting at 6:30 p.m. for the work meeting, and 7 p.m. for the regular meeting.