City Manager Duane Huffman announced that, so far, he has received nine applications from residents seeking to fill the city council seat vacated by Ed Meyer. These may be joined by others meeting the 4:30 p.m. deadline on December 13. To be qualified, one must be a resident of Kanab and a registered voter, along with no felony convictions and of sound mind. 

As of December 12, those interested in the council seat include, in the order they were received; Anthony Chatterley, Lisa Livingston, Kent Burggraaf, Arlon Chamberlain, Brent Chamberlain, Noel Poe, Grant Ramsay, Brian Meade and Lewis “Butch” Page. A special Kanab City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 18, starting at 3 p.m. where the council will interview the candidates, and at 4 p.m. make their selection. Both meetings are open to the public at the city offices.                                       

During the interviews, each candidate will be asked questions formulated by current city council members. After all are heard, the council will then vote to select the candidate of their choice. The order the candidates will be voted on will be decided by random drawing. A candidate needs three of the four council members’ votes to be selected, or a two and two vote with a tiebreaker vote by Mayor Laycook, who could abstain from casting that vote if she chooses. Whoever receives the needed three votes first becomes the new city councilperson and will be at the table for the first meeting of the new year on January 8. There is no council meeting scheduled for Christmas Day.

Susan Clark’s mayoral appointment to the Library Board was upheld by the city council.  Clark will fill the vacancy left by the recent passing of Pat Ensle.

The election results for Proposition 1 that was defeated in the November election was verified and upheld by the council. The total votes for Proposition 1 was 934 for and 1093 against, a margin of defeat of 159 votes.  Only District 4 carried the yes vote by 438 to 271.

Huffman reported the water line work along Hwy 89 through Kanab will wrap up by Friday, December 14, but the storm line along 300 South encountered some delays.

The city has been receiving applications for the Recreation Director position. Also, a position or two on the Kanab Planning and Zoning Commission will be open in January.

The land survey around the airport is being finalized with surveyors talking with landowners near the airport about discrepancies between their survey work and fences in existence.

Huffman outlined preliminary work on dog licensing fees, which will be debated by council members in January.  With the passage of the four dog limit in Kanab, an associated additional one-time household fee of $50 was suggested.  This would be in addition to the yearly individual dog license fees.  This and other fees will need further research on cost estimates, etc., before being considered next month.