Byard Kershaw, Resource Committee, gave an update on the Tiger Beetle Conservation Plan to the Kane County Commission. There is a lawsuit now forcing Fish and Wildlife Services to address the issue. Some are pushing for the Tiger Beetle to be placed on the Endangered Species list. Kane County wants to keep it off the list. The conservation plan will hopefully settle the issue, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park can remain open. The county is updating the 2009 plan. According to Kershaw, there were some assumptions in that plan. They are now seeking scientific back-up. There is some concern that with the climate becoming drier, it will negatively affect the beetle population.

Wade Heaton was re-appointed to the Planning and Zoning Board for a four-year term.

At the recommendation of the county insurance committee, the commission approved a Lasering Provision - stop loss insurance for their county self-insurance. If not, the cost to the county would be considerable.

Lou Pratt and Bob Wallen updated the commission on the Robinson Canyon ATV Trail access. Jones DeMille Engineering checked the existing trail and recommended some maintenance. The trail is in fairly good shape. Pratt suggested the UT/AZ ATV Club and the county could partner.

Although the trail has been used for more than 40 years, there is a move by some in the Forest Service to make it non-motorized. This trail is the only access to Dixie National Forest other than Highway 89. The commission voted to continue to pursue and insist that the Forest Service provide access. This access would connect to many other trails. Commissioner Jim Matson thanked Bob Wallen for the many volunteer hours he spent on the Robinson Canyon and other trails.

Commission Chair Matson gave an update on the Jacob Ryan intervention case. The Jacob Ryan Project would mechanically thin and conduct prescribed burning on approximately 25,297 acres of ponderosa pine on the North Kaibab Ranger District. It has been appealed and is in Federal Court. Kane County has been supportive because of health fitness for the forest and possibility for jobs.

The commission approved two indigent burials amounting to $3,332 for Mosdell Mortuary.