The waters of Kanab Creek are flowing into the Jackson Flat Reservoir. On November 1, local farmers shut down irrigation to their fields and diverted their irrigation water into the newly completed Jackson Reservoir, which is filling with a 24-inch supply line from the upper Kanab Irrigation system.

The reservoir is currently filling at a rate of nine acre-feet per day or 2.9 million gallons of water per day. An acre-foot is about the size of one football field covered with one foot of water. There is currently 182 acre-feet of water in the reservoir. The total storage capacity is 4,228 acre-feet of water, or 1.38 billion gallons of water.

Filling the reservoir is variable depending on the amount of precipitation the area receives during the winter. The supply line can sustain flows of just under 24 acre-feet per day, making the current rate of nine acre-feet per day moderate to low. If recent flows persist, the reservoir will fill to one-third of its capacity by the shutoff date of April 1. If storms continue and flows increase near the 24 acre-foot per day, we could see the reservoir at 50 per cent in 85 days.

The added storage will more than double the amount of water available during the growing season for farms, residential yards and gardens. The water could also be used for other recreational and public areas in the city such as parks, the cemetery, and the schools.

The Kane County Water Conservancy District has an engineered initial filling plan to insure the dam is operating properly as it fills and has designated a dam tender to maintain and continually study the reservoir. There is also an Emergency Action Plan in the event of a 100-year or 500-year flood.

The reservoir was completed this past spring and was noted by the Utah Engineer Dave Marble from the Office of Dam Safety as one of the cleanest constructed reservoirs he has inspected. The Kane County Water Conservancy District is proud to have helped develop this state-of-the-art infrastructure that will help grow crops for local farmers, create a place for residents to recreate, and contribute to a better lifestyle for all Kane County residents.