“Life in prison without the possibility of parole,” ruled Judge Mark Moran, Coconino Superior Court Division III, on November 20, concerning Scott Curley’s murder of Kane County Deputy Brian Harris.

“He (Curley) planned my husband’s murder,” said Shauna Harris, wife of slain officer Brian Harris, in an emotional testimony before sentencing concerning Scott Curley, who pleaded guilty to the crime of killing Harris. “He is an individual without regard for a human life.”

November 20 was the last day of testimony in the Flagstaff Court concerning the impacts of Harris’ death and what punishment those closest to him felt would be appropriate for former Fredonia resident Curley. He entered a plea of guilty on September 21 to a first degree murder charge.

The Tuesday hearing followed two full days of previous testimony from scores of family, friends and co-workers. In the packed courtroom filled with those closest to him, with a multitude of law enforcement officers present, you wouldn’t question the impact Harris’ death had on them. Tears, emotions and an expectation of justice were prevalent.

The packed courtroom heard Curley’s rambling, quiet statement concerning the murder.

“I killed Brian Harris because I warned him and he disobeyed,” Curley said in a quiet voice. “I believe I have a right to defend myself, and in the Tri-Force.”

He cited seven seals in the Book of Revelations. “I believed I had to defend the Tri-Force.” He said it was too much to explain, and that people needed to see diagrams.