Twenty nine year old Eric Glosson pleaded guilty on Thursday, November 8, 2012, to two state charges of first-degree forcible sodomy for his abuse of teenage boys at the Silverado Boys Ranch just outside of Panguitch, Utah.  He will serve two life sentences in the Utah State Prison on the sodomy convictions, after he serves a 15-year sentence in federal prison on charges of production of child pornography. Glosson’s guilty plea happened in Garfield County’s 6th District Court.

Garfield County Attorney Barry Huntington says he wanted to make certain Glosson spent the rest of his life behind bars, “There were those that said I should have just gone with the federal charges only, but that would have meant Glosson would be out in 15 years, and I wanted to make certain that would never happen.”  

Glosson worked as a coach at the Silverado Academy, a 200-acre Panguitch ranch that advertised itself as a clinical boarding school for teens. Glosson videotaped his abuse, which led to the federal charges of child pornography production. He is currently in the Garfield County Jail awaiting transport to federal prison. 

Huntington added, “Really, what it comes down to is: 15 years isn’t enough time when you molest children like this. This guy needed to serve the 15 years for making the video, and he also needed to serve time for the actual act he was doing.  So I felt like these life sentences were appropriate. He can start his state time after he serves his federal time, and the Board of Pardons will determine if he ever gets out.”