The VHS Drama department presented the musical Romeo and Harriet on November 2 and 3 at Valley High School. With the help of a group of quarreling chorus members – Oregano (McCrae Cox), Risotto (Rebekah Romney), Prosciutto (Austin Spencer), Romano (BreAnn Bundy), Antipasto (David Lunceford), Pesto (Trayson Maxwell), Mayo (Brynn Hepworth) and Carpaccio (Jodi Hoyt) – the audience laughed until they almost died from this funny spoof of Romeo and Juliet.

 As told by our Prologues Kasen Palmer and Sidney Higgins, the Montagues and Capulets are feuding in modern day New York City. Lady Montague (Kaitlyn Cox) and Lady Capulet (Savhana Cox), along with their husbands, Lord Montague (Kim Daley), and Lord Capulet (Kristina Harris), head two competing department stores whose employees Tybalt (Clayton Bistline), Balthasar (Kevin Reese), Benvolio (Putter Spencer), Winnie (Lizi Fitzgerald), Peter, (Dallen Saul), Pettrucio (Kiley Spencer), Gregory (Zachary Esplin), Nikki (Ashley Spencer), Samson (Chevy Spencer), Agatha (Marissa Johnson), Abigail (Rebekah Beardall), and Bonnie (Presley Franklin), do not get along very well.

This grudge is taken to the streets everyday where Officer Escalus (Amanda Daley) is forced to take a break from her donuts to restore order. Good nurse (Justi Cox) tends to everyone’s injuries, especially papercuts.

Romeo Montague (Bill Maxwell) is in no mood to fight however, because he is sick with a one-sided love for fair Rosaline, an employee over at Bloomingdale’s. In an attempt to cheer him up, his best buddies, Mercutio (Brett Barsness) and Benvolio (Clint Sorensen), take Romeo out to the disco for a night of dancing, John Travolta style. This seems to work when Romeo finds himself falling instantly in love with a young girl from across the room. But this girl turns out to be Harriet Capulet (Brindy Harris), daughter to his family’s mortal enemy.

Romeo and Harriet’s love survived pie fights, a secret wedding performed by Friar Laurente (Jaxon Hepworth), and a round of Family Feud hosted by Louie Anderson (Brian Barsness). 

Throw into the mix two shady merchants, Maxine (Emily Johnson) and Shylock (Jaron Palmer), two tourists from Italy, Versace (Audrey Harris), Gucci (Brianna Palmer), and Lord Montague from the past (Wyatt Cox).

It all came together to make a musical tragic comedy in two and a half acts. Forty six students at VHS were involved in making the play a huge success, including our backstage crew: Quinton Warner, Shane Wright, Naomi Monett, Cheyenne Cox and Braxton Heaton; and hair and makeup crew: Nicole Brown and Billie Lamb. A big thanks to Shiree Cox, Stetsy Cox and Libby Johnson for helping with hair and makeup!

We would especially like to express our appreciation to our amazing director Angela Petersen, and our light and music man Robert Lacey. Thank you to all of the parents who helped, and to all of our families and community members who came to support us!