It was brought to the Kane County Commissioners’ attention that four unnamed arches in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument are scheduled to receive Eastern Indian names which are: Varmana, Parvati, Iraivan and Four Crown Princess (“satanic reference from the book of Revelations”).

The names were selected by the U.S. Geologic Committee, according to  Eric Matranga, BLM, who said he wanted the county to be aware before the final meeting in a few weeks.  The commissioners made a motion to oppose the names and send a letter with their recommendation that the names be based on local history. They also want to be involved in the naming process. They thanked Matranga for bringing this to their attention.

The commission adopted the 2013 tentative budget for $24,770,855. There was a discussion regarding $400,000, but after reviewing the new Drug Court, new roof and Strike Force costs, they felt good and complimented Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson. 

When asked about the process followed for the budget, Assessor Linda Little said she felt good about it and that “it is very manageable.” The budget is now available for the public to review.

The commission adopted Resolution 2012-19 which appointed Karla Johnson Kane County’s Representative to UCIP (Utah Counties Indemnity Pool) and Commissioner Jim Matson as alternate. UCIP is the self-insurance organization.

Ordinance 2012-18 Chapter 15, which adds temporary uses in relation to Chapter 5-agriculture zone, Chapter 6- residential zones Chapter 7- commercial zone and Chapter 8, Manufacturing zone. The ordinance passed after a lengthy question and answer session with Attorney Robert Van Dyke and Land Use Director Shannon McBride.  The open discussion clarified how the temporary use would work and at the same time be fair and not punitive.  Many specific examples commissioners were concerned about did not qualify.  The ordinance was amended to read one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset. 

The insurance section was removed from the consent agenda to discuss adding dental implants to the dental plan coverage. Implants are no longer considered cosmetic and are now preferable to bridges. The fiscal impact to the county will be zero. With that clarification, all items on the consent agenda were adopted.

At the citizen input section, Herb Alexander suggested a fee for inspections regarding conditional use permits to see if they are staying compliance. McBride said there is a fee and they are inspected.

The commissioners concluded the meeting with reports on various committees attended and coordinating schedules.

Commissioner Doug Heaton reported from the Five Counties meeting that the final 2012 baseline population projection will have a lot to do with school funding. Kane County looks good. Five County Organization is exploring the option of providing evening meals for students. Commissioner Heaton opposes this concept.

Commissioner Dirk Clayson reported the Kaibab Forest Service Transportation Plan was responsive to Kane County input.  The next SUPAC meeting will be November 13 in Kanab.  The county and BLM Field Office have arranged a field trip for participants to better understand the needs for access.

There will be no commission meeting next week to allow preparations for voting and the following week is Veteran’s Day.