At the October 23 Kanab City Council meeting City Manager Duane Huffman reported city revenues for the first quarter of this year were $543,688 and expenses were $602,769.  The figures last year for the same quarter were $556,367 and $620,976, respectively.

Revenues were down in building permits, fire service and municipal energy income.  Expenses for attorney services were down 75 percent, while street improvements were up 25 percent.  There were really no surprises here according to Huffman.

The schedule for the water line replacement along Hwy 89 through Kanab will be posted in this paper, according to Huffman. It is anticipated the line work will be completed the first week of December, after which UDOT can begin the resurfacing project of the highway.

Huffman advised the council that two property owners on the north side of Tom’s Canyon in the La Estancia subdivision have complained to the city about vehicles traversing their properties to gain access to the city’s Tom’s Canyon and Cliff trails toward the head of the canyon. People desiring to hike these trails should be aware that access needs to be obtained via the south end of La Estancia at the kiosk where the access trail heads to the northeast before intersecting the Tom’s and Pugh Canyons trail.  From there one can go to the northwest toward Cliff Trail or southeast to Pugh Canyon.  Please refrain from driving over the old roads on private property in the future.

Discussion regarding the Kanab Airport’s advisory committees ensued with Mayor Nina Laycook asking for the formation of an ad hoc committee (one committed to a special purpose- namely airport issues). The request by the city for interested citizens. to serve on the Kanab Airport Advisory Board, has met with virtually no response.

A Special Service District- Airport Enhancement Team (SSD), headed by Dave Baird with city representation by Kirt Carpenter, has been working to promote economic opportunities connected with the airport as well as provide suggestions on upgrading the appearance and function of the airport.  The Airport Advisory Committee, established by an ordinance years ago, has been defunct for a number of years, but remains on record as the advisory entity.

 Kane county resident John Rhinehart asked the council why the Advisory Committee was limited to Kanab city residents. He implored the council to change that requirement so he and other county residents with aviation experience could serve as committee members.  The council could not accommodate that request, and advised Rhinehart to pursue a seat on the SSD committee at this time.  Rhinehart responded, “One good advisory board is all that is needed.  Get a group together that will have some say in airport issues.”

 Mayor Laycook asked Councilman Carpenter and Dave Baird why they and other SSD members were not willing to join the city’s Airport Advisory Board to fill the seven seats specified in the ordinance. This would re-establish that board and alleviate the call for an ad hoc committee in lieu of the actual Advisory Board being established again.

 Baird said, “The goals of these two committees are the same and, since we already have the SSD in place, I question why we need another one.  The county has the money (for airport project), and would rather work with the SSD.”

 Carpenter said he would join the Advisory Board, but didn’t think other members of the SSD would.  “The SSD has been filling the gap left by the Airport Advisory Board’s abdication of their appointed role.  The SSD was formed as a part of the recreation and transportation agenda and it may be that an Advisory Board need not be resurrected.” 

 Nothing was settled on this matter.

 Lastly, Councilman Ed Meyer presented information to support a resolution authorizing the city manager to submit a recycling market development zone application to the state. It supports a variety of recycling efforts in the area and supports recognition for those entities making the effort to recycle used products.  Recycling not only reduces raw material consumption, but reduces landfill burdens.  The council’s  consensus, “Kanab will be cool by recycling.”