On Tuesday, October 9 at 7 p.m. at the Kanab Middle School, Rep. Mike Noel, “Cowboy Caucus” member of Utah’s House of Representatives, will debate his political opponent, Utah Justice Party candidate Ty Markham. Noel inspired the infamous “Sagebrush Rebellion” of a few years ago, in which hundreds of OHVs (off-highway vehicles) defied the law to drive across federally protected land, now pledges to fight for all federal lands to be turned over to the State of Utah.

A Hatch Act investigation has been filed against Noel for alleged conflicts of interest between his position as Executive Director and General Manager of Kane County’s Water Conservancy District and his position in the Utah State Legislature.

Ty Markham, a former teacher and psychologist, now hospitality business owner in Torrey, town council member, and board member of Wayne County Business Association, plans to challenge Mike Noel’s position on issues of concern to District 73 residents. She will also challenge his positions on statewide issues such as education funding, taxes, jobs and public lands. 

District 73, geographically the largest district in the Utah House, spans six counties (Wayne, Garfield, Kane, San Juan, Piute, Beaver and a section of Sevier) and is home to most of Utah’s national parks, a national monument, and several state parks. The district has been hit hard by the recession and year-round jobs are scarce. Its school districts struggle due to scarce property tax revenue and recent cutbacks at the state level.

The Candidate Forum is sponsored by the Kanab Chamber of Commerce, and arranged by Daniel Church.

 For more information about the event, contact Ty Markham at (435) 491-0230.