Jay Seegmiller is a Democrat running for Utah’s Second Congressional seat against Republican Chris Stewart. The position was formerly held by Democrat Jim Matheson, who is seeking another term in another district. After the questionable redistricting, the Second Congressional District Matheson held is now open for new political challenge.

Seegmiller has long family history in Utah. He’s a Salt Lake native with family ties to many, including long ago Richfield mayor William Seegmiller. His family history includes family background in Glendale, Kanab and primarily in St. George. Jay and wife of 34 years, Michelle, have four children and four grandchildren.

The 54 year-old worked for Union Pacific railroad from 1976-1987, as a brakeman, yardmaster and conductor. In 1987, he went to work for Amtrak as conductor, where he is currently employed.

In 2008, he was elected to the Utah State Legislature, where he served from 2009-2011. In that capacity, he participated on legislative committees for: Workforce Services, House Transportation, Community and Economic Development, Public Utilities, Natural Resources and Environmental Quality.


But the big question is, if elected how will he conduct himself in Washington?

“I really believe for us to move forward, we need to move together,” said Seegmiller. He questions reactionary policy decisions based on poor economic times. “Putting people back to work should be a number one priority,” said Seegmiller

Seegmiller said there are more than $1.2 trillion Americans have invested in other countries. His plan (McCain and Hakin proposed), is tax that, and give them a discounted rate of 10 percent. “If they use it to create jobs, they’d get a larger tax credit.” Seegmiller said that would result in $100 billion in revenue, and have the potential to create three million jobs.

Seegmiller believes tax loopholes should be closed to allow for fairer tax equity. “We need to make tax policy fair for all individuals and companies.”


“My thing is that I’d like to set the stage for more communication (between parties). When I was in the State Legislature, I found I could build relationships and set the tone. I got respect across the aisle. I’d try to solve things before they went to vote,” said Seegmiller.

That is his hope, if elected, to represent Utah in Washington. Seegmiller said it is about building, not dismantling things.

“We need to start thinking what’s good for the country, and that’s going to require some compromise,” added Seegmiller.

On the race’s outcome, Seegmiller just hopes people will do their due diligence and vote. “They need to look at both of us and make their decision.”

For more information on Seegmiller, you can go to his website at www.jayforjobs.com.