Last Saturday was one of those days when everything seemed to be a wee bit off kilter!

I needed to clean the house, because we were having company. I got up and began the job. But, this is where it gets interesting. Dennis gets up and starts helping!

Now I’m not saying this is an anomaly, by any means. Dennis does plenty around the house. But, he was just so involved! He was scrubbing, cleaning and mopping, like it was his life calling.

I decided to not shoot a gift horse in the mouth. I was grateful for the help, and played along with it. He was, after all, doing what all of us women hope for... Helping! (I will add when he lectured me on the floor cleaner I was using, I got a should I say it? Testy!)

He took a break, and said he was running into town. I kept on cleaning, and figured he was going to the office to watch the Wisconsin Badgers play on TV. Now his true colors were showing – when rubber meets the road, the Mars-type goes off to watch football. Whatever!

But then he surprised me. He came right back home, and proceeded to keep on cleaning. Wow!


About twenty minutes later...the florist comes to the door, bearing (guess what) flowers! They were for me, from my ‘Secret Admirer!’ I was astounded. What a sweet, thoughtful gesture. Dennis was sheepish, and said he really appreciated me and wanted to show it.

Odd happenstance, but I was thrilled and humbled that he had done something so nice, out of the blue. In the 36 years we’ve been married, this was definitely NOT a normal occurrence! I thanked him nearly 100 times!

He said, “You’re acting like I’ve never sent you flowers!” I didn’t have a comeback to that, honestly!


House gets cleaned, company comes...we have a terrific time. But the flowers were a point of conversation. My close girlfriend asked me, as she pointed to the beautiful arrangement, “what’s this all about? You guys having trouble?” I responded no, that Dennis was just being nice. She looked at me with a warm smile, patted my hand and said, “sure.”


Dennis and I were talking the next morning, and I was again thanking him for the flowers, and told him what my girlfriend had said. He responded that was amusing, because the florist had also quizzed him.

“She asked me what I was in the doghouse for?” He related. “I told her nothing that I knew of. She quickly responded, ‘wise man!’”


Lesson for all men to take away from this column – get your wives flowers often, and we won’t get suspicious!

Maybe then, you can win!