Last week, Fredonia High School announced its achievement of an “A” grade from the Department of Education for the State of Arizona.

The prestigious grade was based on a three-year study: 25% on a three-year median growth of all students, 25% on a three-year median growth of the bottom 25%, and 50% based on a three year percentage of students passing the AIMS (Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards), ELL reclassification (English Language Learners,) graduation rate and drop-out rate.

The state grading process requires at least 95% of all students take the test to be considered for the highest grading. The “A” grade is the highest grade Fredonia High School has received in over 10 years.

It was a little scary for the district for a moment. All the tenth grade submissions were accidentally sent in on elementary test sheets instead of high school sheets. The state did not recognize the tenth grade class as being tested. Luckily the school was able to re-submit the scores correctly to show 100% of students were tested. This allowed the school to receive the “A” grade.

Superintendent Nicholas Bartlett expressed his enthusiasm about the grade, “I am extremely proud of our staff and the effort we have put into our students’ achievement.  The time and effort we have placed on bringing up our scores, and especially focusing on the bottom 25%, has returned incredible dividends for Fredonia High School. Our teachers are to be commended for this accomplishment. This rating has given us a great deal to celebrate. In conjunction, for the past two years, our 11th and 12th grade students have out performed not only the county, but the state in two of the three areas tested.” 

Congratulations to Fredonia High School students, parents and staff for this accomplishment!