Sites, smells and sounds were probably the dominant impressions of those attending Western Legends Roundup on the weekend of August 16-18.

Sites – from western folklore workshops to the quilt show; from antique equipment working displays to cowboy action shooting...and then there was the art of the many vendors.

Smells – kettlecorn and burgers, pulled pork to Asian food!

Sounds – cowboy music, guns shooting and people talking and laughing.

The event was a success, drawing good crowds and spirit to the annual festival.

“It was a success,” said Executive Director Stephen Browning, of the event. He cited the sold out Saturday night concert, vendor comments and good attendance as indicators. Organizers were pleased with the increased Las Vegas attendance, since advertising monies had been increased there.

Inducted into the Little Hollywood Walk of Fame this year, those western legends that had made films here were honored. Rod Cameron, (Oh, Susannah), (Ride the Man Down) and (Southwest Passage); Ray Millard and Helena Carter, (Bugles in the Afternoon); Ava Gardner and Howard Keel, (Ride, Vaquero); Robert Fuller, (episodes of Laramie, Wagon Train, and TV movie Donnor Pass); Marty Robbins, (Buffalo Gun), (The Badge of Marshal Brennan), (Guns of a Stranger), and (Raiders of Old California); and Gregory Peck, (Mackenna’s Gold) all now have plaques dotting Center Street in Kanab.

Our own Western Legends were honored, also! Stand-out citizens and true local legends were recognized. Ken “Slick” Carpenter, Carlyle Hulet and Effie Dean Bowman Rich. Thank you to all these honorees for their extraordinary contributions to the southern Utah and northern Arizona area.

“Many features were well-attended,” said Browning. “The film festival, the outdoor stages, sold out vendor booths and the movie stars drew a huge crowd. They said that Western Legends is tops for them, and that their sales were the best ever.”

So what makes an event weekend that benefits so many local businesses and people come together?

Browning said continued support from Kane County through the Travel Council and a TRT grant, and the financial and infrastructure support by the City of Kanab keeps the event financially afloat.

“But it’s just the generosity of local volunteers and the community that keeps the Western Legends spirit alive,” said Browning.

Western Legend, 2013, will be held August 22-24.