Utah Republican Senator Hatch has been in the Senate, and rubbed elbows with the past six Presidents of the United States. What makes him so special, that he should be re-elected to yet another term?

Hatch has been a driving force in Republican and national politics for years. He is a family man who composes music, sings, believes in gun rights, has a conservative economic approach to jobs, wants to minimize taxation, complains about too much government control in resource management, and is against any of Obama’s healthcare reform. He’s got all the prerequisites for being the Utah Republican representative once again.

What has been unique about Hatch has been his ability to work across party lines on legislation he believes in. He has demonstrated the ability for Republicans and Democrats to work together time and time again. He was featured during Obama’s inaugural; he was great friends with Senator Ted Kennedy; former President Jimmy Carter said he should’ve listened to him. Hatch has a history of being friends with those of different political persuasions.

“I have Democrats that have wanted me re-elected,” said Hatch. “You can’t pass anything unless you can work together.”

In a SUN interview with Hatch last week while he was in Kanab, he expressed why he should be considered as Utah’s Senator once again. He stressed with a Mitt Romney win, Republicans would be in the driver’s seat. Due to seniority, Hatch is poised to become the new Senate Finance Chairman, a position of extraordinary power, that would go far to accentuate a Republican president.

On the economy, he said Congress needs to restrain federal spending. On taxes, he said that Social Security and Medicare make up 60% of all spending...and they need to be examined. Hatch said, as in the past, he would continue to support a balanced budget amendment.

“We need to elect true blood conservatives,” Hatch said, of this election. “I think Mitt can win.”

On negative campaigning, he said many of the negative ads (for both parties), are due to Supreme Court-approved Super Pac ads. He leveled that the Obama people are guilty of ‘Chicago politics.’ He said often times the candidates are unaware of the ads running.

Hatch said he would work to reform the tax code and entitlement programs.

On health care issues, Hatch said that Republicans are for insuring children, and taking care of pre-existing conditions. He said there needs to be more medical liability control. He stressed that states should be running programs to insure. “There are a lot of things we can do (with healthcare), without going into bankruptcy.”

On environmental issues, he said most understand the need for environmental regulations, but that government has taken too much control of natural resources on public lands.

“Utilizing the resources in Utah could make it (Utah), the richest state in the Union,” said Hatch. He cited grazing, tourism and mining as being instrumental in economic productivity.

On the issue of gun control, Hatch said he strongly believes in the Constitutional right to bear arms. “I’m the leading proponent for gun freedom, and the Supreme Court has upheld that. It’s not fair to take away rights to keep and bear arms.”

“The way to prosperity is to create tax breaks for the middle class,” said Hatch. He bemoaned the many untaxed American households. “Everyone should have some skin in the game. We need to be fair and do what is right – not tax people to death – but spread the responsibility.”