Employees of the Fredonia Community Health Center arrived to an unfortunate surprise on Friday, April 24.  A broken dual pane window on the north side of the facility indicated there had been a break-in. 

Upon entering the building, damage to several doors and a security window was discovered.  According to Fredonia Marshal Dan Watson, nothing appeared to be taken indicating the perpetrators were on a quest for controlled substances.  The felony burglary was a fool’s quest, however, because no controlled substances are kept at the clinic.

“It is disappointing to see,” stated Mark Overas, clinic PA, “because this clinic exists to serve the community and something like this detracts from our daily operations.”  The clinic had to be shut down for half a day, disrupting schedules and needs of the patients.  “I don’t know why anyone would want to break in,” Overas continued, “because there are no drugs kept at the clinic.”

The Marshal’s office has several leads they are investigating, “including items the suspect left behind [which] are being sent to the lab for DNA and fingerprint evidence,” stated Marshal Watson.  These pieces of evidence will be key in identifying and prosecuting the burglar. 

Any additional information significant to the case can be submitted anonymously to the Fredonia Marshal’s office.