With the passage of Resolution 2102-17, amending a 2010 Resolution regarding bonding on the Public Safety Facility, there will be a $10 million tax savings to the county. The amendment shifts in favor of Kane County paying off the bond sooner. Commissioner Doug Heaton, referring to his fellow Commissioners Jim Matson and Dirk Clayson, as well as Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson, said, “Thanks to financial geniuses in the county,  I have financial understanding envy.”   

In other county business, Steve Browning, Bonnie Riding and Craig Hansen from Western Legends Round-up, requested the use of Senior Citizen and Travel Council vans for tours to movie sets during Western Legends weekend. With certified drivers, the request was approved. Browning reported ticket sales are up 15% over this time last year.

Next year, Western Legends and the county fair will be on different weekends to avoid conflicts.  Browning said the Sons of the Pioneers are already scheduled for next year’s Western Legends entertainment. There was a discussion on the pros and cons of events scheduled at the same time.

Browning reported an event is in the planning stage for the new county fair building next March. 

The commission approved Betty Colston’s Symphony of the Canyons request for county vans for transportation for orchestra members for the following dates:  August 11, North Rim; August 31 Peach Days in Hurricane; and December 7, Lake Powell/Page.   

The bid for the new Cat 140 dozer was awarded to Wheeler Machinery, which included service, guaranteed buy-back and resale value. Commissioner Heaton commented, “I wish in the private sector I could get the same kind of deal.”

During the public input section of the August 6 Kane County Commission meeting, Herb Alexander asked how long conditional use permits were given, and if there is any follow-up to see if conditions are being met.  Kane County Land Use Administrator Shannon McBride should be contacted if there are any questions or concerns.

The regular scheduled action agenda then turned into a work meeting and reports.

Commissioner Matson reported the Tiger Beetle is on the sensitive species list.  A $10,000 grant was recently awarded to a researcher who is pushing conservation of the Tiger Beetle.

On the Sage Grouse update, Kathleen Clark, State Public Lands Director, will meet with the county commission at the Rural Summit in Cedar City to review potential habitat maps for Kane County.

A recent court decision has allowed Kane County and Fredonia to intervene in the Jacob Ryan Timber Sale EA Intervention on the North Kaibab Ranger District.

Commissioners, Resource Committee members and Forest Service personnel took an on-site tour of the Paunsaugunt Plateau on the east fork of the Sevier River. Forest Service has mandated closure of a percentage of roads. Public comments of the proposed Motorized Travel Plan will start in October.  In this section, 30 miles of roads need to be closed. Luckily for Kane County, many of the roads have naturally closed due to non-use.  Vegetation is growing back.  Off road camping, fuel collection and specific roads of concern were discussed.  Commissioner Matson said, “Local governments need to get involved to counter strong environmental influences.”

Commissioner Heaton reported the county has received a CIB grant for $200,000 for the interior of the North Events Center Fair Building in Orderville.