Wow, I am so fortunate to be living on the Spencer ranch. I get the best feed, the cleanest water and the mountain air. Four daughters cater to, and love, me. I get bathed, led around the farm, brushed and hugged on a daily basis. Now what more could a goat ask for?

But why the big hoopla? There must be something going on. There is a buzz around the barnyard about an event coming up on the third weekend in August. The fair? The Kane County Fair?

Wow, I will be able to strut my stuff and the girls will be dolled up in crisp shirts and boots. I will be the grandest goat in the whole show.

What an event, come on out and get involved with the Kane County Fair Livestock Show. There should be all kinds of animals and an opportunity to support the youth.

There is just one regret ... I’m not so sure I am ready to move on. It could be a baaaad move. I like those girls and all of the care they give to their animals.

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