From the Action agenda,

 In personnel, Keiren Chatterley received a grade increase 12-A to 13-A in the Sheriff’s Office.  Ann Dwyer has been hired in the Attorney’s office.

 The Robinson Canyon Road, Alton Coal Agreement was dealt with in executive session.

 The single $20 bid for the old school bus was awarded to Phil Jessop.

 The MCAT, (Multi-county Appraisal Trust), Agreement, was approved for the designation appointment of board representatives.  Linda Little was appointed for Kane County.

 The VISTA Program funding approval was tabled.

 A business license was approved for Randy’s Auto Body.

 Several issues and updates were discussed during the work meeting. Tim Short, District Manager of the North Kaibab District gave an overview of several projects.  On the Warm Fire Recovery EIS, there is threatened litigation regarding selling the timber.  They are hopeful of replanting that area. 

 The Jake Bryan Vegetation Project has been repealed over tree cutting size of 16" versuses 18".

 The North Kaibab Travel Management plan will be ready for public scoping in July.

 The Plateau Facility Fire Protection plan will be ready for public scoping in May.

 They are looking at a building a new Inter-Agency Complex, on the south end of Fredonia.

 The Fish Habitat Restoration Project, in North Canyon in partnership with Arizona Fish and Game, will be ready for public scoping in late summer.

 Finally there are some prescribed fires planned for this summer.  They will be monitoring conditions very closely.

 Steve Kunsel and Troy Torgeson, UDOT,  updated the commission on a Transportation Corridor Masterplan.  UDOT has the funding for a master plan from Kanab City to Seaman Wash.  They want both city and county involved.

 Sandy Kerr, Victims Services Coordinator,  gave an update on her program.  Kerr introduced Terra Sue Honey as a back-up when Kerr is out of town.  Training has taken place with city police and the sheriff’s office.   

 Chad Booth, from the television show At Your Leisure, had his mid-season visit for more direction on promoting Kane County.  The first in a series of ad installments is now being shown, with emphasis on this area’s movie history and why Hollywood chose to make so many films here.   

The series can be seen on ABC channel 4 on Sunday at 9 a.m. and Saturday at 11 p.m. in Las Vegas on CW30 after Saturday Night Live.