Basketball players from Kanab and Fredonia enjoyed a one-on-one session with 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Champion, Jeremy Evans, of the Utah Jazz.

On Wednesday, June 20, Evans arrived at the old middle school where he was first welcomed by city council member Cheryl Brown. She presented him with a Wonderstone Medallion to remind him of his trip to Kanab. Evans was excited and commented on the beauty of our area.

The fun really started as players were invited onto the court to play games with the NBA player. The highlight of the day was when Carter Jackman banked in a shot to put Jeremy out of a game of lightning and win! It was fun to watch.

Evans was very kind and patient with the kids. He spent time signing autographs and posing for pictures. Even after the majority of the players had left, Jeremy stuck around to play some more with whoever wanted a little bit more. Overall, it was a fun day for everyone. We hope to maintain this great relationship with the Utah Jazz for years to come.