Mary Lee Smith, Kane County Clinic Manager, is doing an outstanding job reorganizing our clinic. She and the clinic staff understand and empathize with our patients and their needs. She asked clinic staff members, "What are some of the questions you seem to get from our patients?"

Probably the question which is asked most often is, "When can I get in to see the doctor?"

The clinic has extended their hours to accommodate those who are ill. Most patient who are ill are able to get in the day they call. However the appointment will be made with the available caregiver. If it is a scheduled appointment it will be filled according to the physician’s schedule. Our physicians and physicians assistants (PA) are all very busy and want each patient to receive the time and care they deserve.

"How long will my wait be?" Our clinic patients usually have a waiting period of 15 to 20 minutes. If their doctor or PA is "on call" to cover the emergency room or a baby has decided the time is right, the patient is told when they make the appointment or they are notified when they are in the waiting room. We also make every effort to contact the patient by telephone notifying them of the possible delay.

"Do you accept alternate Medicare plans?" As long as Medicare guidelines are followed everything should be fine.

"Does the HCG diet work?" That would be a question you should ask your provider. Each patient and their needs are different.

"How do I leave a message?" The clinic front desk will transfer calls to the medical assistants (MA) phones. Those messages are addressed throughout the day between patient visits and into the evening. If you have an urgent need give a brief description to Karla, Shannon, or Randi. They will notify the MA so they are aware of your situation.

"What will my charges be?" The front desk will not know the answer until after your visit. If you are self-pay and are going to pay at time of service, there is a 10% discount. The ladies will ask the doctor for a "super-bill.” They will get it done while you wait. If you have insurance the co-pay is due and appreciated at time of service.

Kane County Clinic would like to thank all of our patients for their patience. We are here to help when you need us.