This early summer Kanab has been full of cars. First, the Corvette Club of Northern Utah came to town the end of May.

Then there was the Annual Run to the Red Rocks Car Show on June 8 and 9.

The next day, the Nevada Tours were in town with their 55+ highly polished and finished muscle and classic cars that dated prior to 1972.

This week the H.H. Franklin Car Club has been in town for six days and we enjoyed their presence.

Now it is the turn for Vintage Chevrolet Club of America ( to bring their cars to Kanab. They will be arriving on Monday, June 25 and staying in town through June 29. There will be approximately 50 Chevrolet four-cylinder cars dating from 1912 through 1928.

Red Rock Roadrunners President Mary Poe said, “Please make these Chevrolet owners feel welcome and glad that they came to Kanab. We are honored to have the Franklins and VCCA national car clubs spending this much time in town driving our streets, parking at our businesses and visiting the national and state parks in this area.”

In 1929, Chevrolet gave up the four-cylinder motor and started installing six-cylinder engines. However, look carefully and talk to the car owners. You may find a 1928 car that has an extended hood. Chevrolet intended to install six-cylinder engines in the 1928 models, so the factory built the frame and engine compartment to accommodate the longer engine. When the engine wasn’t ready for mass production in 1928, the company had to build a shroud around the fan to direct the cool air back to the shorter engine block.

VCCA is the last organized car club that has contacted either the Kanab Chamber of Commerce or the Red Rock Roadrunners Car Club with plans to visit during 2012. No doubt there will be a few classic or older cars driving through this summer.

If you see these automobiles, contact their owners and invite their club to come to Kanab and spend a few days. In 2013, the National Model T Club will again be spending a week in Kanab. More on that later!