The Fredonia Town Council discussed revisions to the upcoming water project and to Town Codes on Tuesday. 

Beginning with required changes to the proposed new water filtration system, The council voted to approve the use of three, twelve foot filters in order to meet ADEQ standards.  By using three larger filters instead of other options which would use more filters, the project would not require the proposed filtration building to be expanded. 

The Council was informed, with the exception of a short list of items, the Northern Loop portion of the water project was finished.  Once the items on the list were complete, a final inspection would be done.

Town Code 11-a-4-13 was reviewed.  The Code discusses utility shut offs for non-payment, however, it does not address the shut off of wastewater services.  Because residents are still able to impact the sewer system when other utilities are shut off, the possibility of shutting off the wastewater for non-payment was discussed.  This option would be difficult and costly.  The council decided the best alternative would be eviction of those residents because the utility shut off is a health and safety issue.  Town Manager, Tom Corrigan, stated he would send the information to the attorney for input.

The council decided to remove the necessity to acquire a permit for horses on residential property.  They felt one of the benefits of living in Fredonia is the ability to have horses and enjoy the rural, small town life offered here.

The council also decided to wait on cemetery rate changes pending further review.  They felt it important to keep rates affordable.  Brent Mackelprang stated, “it is a lot of money at a really bad time.”  The council was adamant about not adding to an already difficult situation.

Also discussed was the contract bid opening for the Summer Recreation program and application acceptance for the Summer Youth Employment program.