In honor of Jacob Hamblin Days, the High Desert Backcountry Horsemen will host a public ride down the Barracks and into Bay Bill Canyon, onFriday, June 15.

Because of the expected heat, riders are to meet at the Barracks Corrals at 8:30 a.m. Turn off Highway 89 about ½ mile south of Mt. Carmel Junction. Follow the dirt road along the east fork of the Virgin River to the large set of corrals. The corrals are less than a mile from the 89 turnoff. It is advisable to have a 4 x 4 to pull your horse trailer.

The ride is very scenic with the towering white cliffs and beautiful cottonwoods along the river. There will be several river crossings. The crossings are rocky but the water is not expected to be deep unless we start having some rain in the coming week. Downstream we will leave the main gorge and enter Bay Bill Canyon. This is a beautiful side canyon that keeps getting narrower as we ride in.

Eventually we enter a slot canyon. If you have never sat in a saddle and been able to reach out with both hands and touch the sandstone canyon walls, this ride is for you. The canyon gets progressively narrower so one can ride as far as you and your horse are comfortable. The ride will be about three to four hours long and is not difficult.

Riders can expect hot, sunny weather, but should be prepared for variable conditions. Participants must provide their own horses or mules, tack, transportation, hats, gloves, sunscreen, sufficient drinking water and a lunch or snacks. There will be river water for the horses. It is recommended to bring insect repellant for the cedar gnats. Ice water will be provided at the trailhead at the end of the ride.

There is no fee for this ride that has a wide variety of natural beauty. Non-club members need to sign a liability waiver. For more information, call Noel Poe at 435-899-0467 or e-mail at