A large crowd gathered at the Glendale cemetery for an early morning program. Brian Palmer, a military man in full uniform, spoke of the freedoms of the country and reminded the group of the responsibility of all citizens in regards to Veterans and all who serve their country.

The scouts reverently raised the flag, and younger scouts gave a presentation honoring our fallen heroes; Ken Maxwell who was killed in Viet Nam in the 70s, and Brian Harris who was taken from the Kane County Sheriff’s Department.

The crowd of about 150 persons stood for a moment of silence and waved small flags as the heroes of Glendale’s community were remembered. The younger scouts served cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

The American Legion soldiers visited all of the cemeteries in the valley to show respect and gave a 21-gun salute. It was a warm, beautiful day, a great time to remember the loved ones who have passed before.