During the past six years, I have remained silent for fear of losing my job. I have seen good teachers retire early because of conflict with the administration. I have witnessed teachers and other staff subjected to such demeaning and degrading attacks that they broke down and cried. During a parent teacher conference, one teacher was so degraded in front of their peers and the parents that they went home sick after the meeting.

I have been present when students have been invited to not return to Fredonia Schools. I am aware of students who dropped out of school because of personal problems and not allowed to return to school to get just a few credits they lacked for graduation (signed statement from parent).

I have heard the comment, “I do not fire people, I just help them make the right decision.” This principle has been applied with several former Fredonia teachers (signed statement from teacher).

The reported drop-out rate for the high school is near zero, yet the number of students has dropped nearly fifty percent. Yes, the majority of these students have transferred to another school. However, there are some who would have returned to our school had they been allowed to. Some were enrolled in “adult education” via the computer program Odyssey. These students were not counted as drop-outs, even though they have never completed a lesson and their address is unknown.

During the past six years, the number of students in the elementary school has remained fairly constant, yet the numbers at the high school have dropped from about 123 to 70.

Teachers and staff live in fear of losing their jobs. With each new year, there has been a budget shortfall and teachers, support staff and taxpayers have bore the burden. Again this year Fredonia Schools is faced with another budget shortfall. The teachers, support staff and taxpayers are being asked to make up the deficit, while the administration remains untouched.

This administration is proud of the fact they have accumulated over one million dollars of cash reserve! But at what cost and what/who has paid the price?

How much reduction to student services and class offerings will it take? How low will the student numbers have to go? How many good teachers will leave or be rifted? How much money will have to be in cash reserve? How low of a district grade from Arizona Department of Education will it take? (Now a ”D” grade). Will it take more than just the Moccasin School being closed? How long will the teachers, support staff, and taxpayers allow this to continue before enough is enough!

In the business world, board members of a failing corporation do not fire the employees and hire new ones and expect the corporation to improve. They start with the CEO.

Knowing there was going to be reductions in funding this year, this administration still spent over $8,000 for a swimming pool cover, and purchased a new marquee costing upwards of $10,000.

In addition, a grant was not filed on time, costing $40,000. This adds up to a total of $58,000. Yet it is the teachers and students who will be required to pay the price of the administration’s irresponsibility.

There is now a call for action for the citizens of the Fredonia-Moccasin Unified School District to stop the destruction of our schools. Will they answer?