The Fredonia Town Council meeting last week began with news that the coolers for the Fredonia Senior Center are on their way. The funding for the coolers is from the Community Development Block Grant. 

The council approved the purchase of a public works vehicle, using funds received from the disposal of scrap metal and vehicles. 

The annual summer softball contract was awarded to Derran Tait and Randi Utter.

The annual contract for port-a-potties was awarded to the lowest bidder, Aaction Sanitation RD Enterprises.

On the recommendation of Public Works Director Ken Bistline, the council approved the hiring of Dan Hatch to fill the part-time seasonal buildings and grounds position.

Next, Town Manager Dan Watson stated, “I’m leaving.” He asked the council what they would like to do about the town manager position.

Mayor Brent Mackelprang expressed his feelings on the matter, “Fredonia really hasn’t needed a full time manager. There have been times it’s really helped us.”  He said as a council member, it is nice to have one. However, “prior to Tom [Corrigan], we never had a town manager…  This has nothing to do with Dan,” but he believes the council should discuss the possibility of either hiring a part-time manager or running without a manager at all.

Watson conveyed his agreement with Mackelprang, “The whole reason I went part-time is I really felt it was a waste of money to have somebody here full-time…  You have a really strong office.” He felt the town would do well either way, whether with a part-time manager or none at all.

Mayor Mackelprang said that grants are really where a town manager comes in, but a grant writer could be hired. He explained that without a manager, it does add a greater burden to the office staff and to the council. 

Watson informed the council that according to the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, Fredonia is the only town with a population less than 2000 in Arizona with a town manager and a town clerk. In the other small towns, the positions are usually combined.

The council agreed to hold a work meeting to discuss the possibility of either hiring only a part-time manager, or eliminating the position all together. 

Alicia McCormick approached the council regarding the annual Fredonia Fourth of July celebration. She proposed holding the celebration on the Saturday before so community members can enjoy all of the events and still be able to watch the fireworks on the fourth, which falls on a Wednesday this year. 

The Fredonia Fire Department would begin the day with breakfast at the park, followed by the parade. Afterwards the celebration would move back to the park. A brief program and presentation of awards, then booths and games, swim races and softball will fill the day. That evening, the Marshal’s Office will cook up dinner, followed by karaoke and dancing. 

McCormick suggested the council begin holding it on the Saturday before each year to make it easier for people to schedule reunions, etc. This would also allow Kanab and Fredonia to participate in each other’s celebrations without conflicting schedules. The council agreed to the scheduling proposal and to sponsoring the prizes for the parade and games.