We had a beautiful day for the Special Olympics Lap-a-thon last Saturday and all went well. This is most of the group that participated – some left early.

Juanita Morris, Amy Wilcox, Conroy Humphries and Tony R. Giovanini finished the maximum 18 rounds of the Kanab High School track. Each round represents a real quarter mile. This group went the full four and one half miles.

There was a very large African Turtle on the track called “Bitty” and a dog named “Cha Cha,” brought by Laura Bradshaw of Healing Heart Sanctuary, where they treat and raise disabled animals. She is also the Kanab Bears swim coach.

A very special group consisted of those over 70 years of age. They are Sarah Ann Anderson, 77, Anita Giovanini, nearly 75, and Barbara Griffin, 73.

We had another special category of those walking with knee replacements. They are Sarah Ann Anderson, 77, and Denny Judd, who just had a knee replacement a couple of months ago.