The Fredonia Town Council meeting last week began with public comment.  Town resident Christy Riddle asked the council what the “Tax Code Ordinance” on the agenda was. Town Manager Dan Watson explained the state changes the code on occasion and the town is required to adopt it. 

Mayor Brent Mackelprang assured Riddle the code was not to increase taxes. It is just to keep in compliance with the state. “We’ve actually been looking for ways to reduce any town tax whatsoever,” he explained.

Mackelprang informed the council he had been in contact with the Coconino County Supervisors regarding the previously discussed monument proposal. 

Riddle asked if there is anything the public can do to help.

Mackelprang stated, “We can write our Senators, Congressmen, Governor. Anything we can do is a benefit.”

Mackelprang feels Obama will sign the proposal right before the election in order to gain favor with extreme environmentalist constituents. If this occurs, the only option the town will have is to petition the new president to reverse the decision.

The mayor and the council next expressed their appreciation to the Public Works Department for their work. Citing how much they have done with the lawns at the park and fields, as well as the work done on the sidewalks.

The pool hiring was discussed next. Watson explained he had been out of town, so was unable to review or contact the applicants. The council decided to table the issue until a special meeting or next council meeting.

Mackelprang anticipates a $1000 donation for the corrals from his father-in-law and Cedar City Livestock Auction.

The council voted to advertise the Summer Softball League program bids and port-a-potties.

The Public Works Department is in need of a part-time seasonal employee to help with the mowing and grounds upkeep for the summer. The position would be approximately May through October. One month will be in this year’s budget and the rest will be under next year’s. The council voted to post the position.

The second reading of the Model Tax Code, as mandated by the state, was unanimously approved.

The council next adopted a resolution to participate as a joint plaintiff in a lawsuit against the United States Government regarding the mining withdrawal. The resolution cites key points of the lawsuit.

Watson explained the money previously given for the coalition will be used for the lawsuit. This resolution does not authorize payment for the lawsuit, the payment approved and submitted prior will be used.