On Friday, March 30, the UHSBCA Senior All-Star Basketball Game was held at West Jordan High School. Of the 10 players invited to participate on the 1A All-Star team, two seniors, Morgan Hoyt and Colton Spencer, were from Valley High School.

Hoyt and Spencer traveled to West Jordan to compete in the 1A versus 2A All-Star game. The 2A team included many players who were much taller than their 1A opponents. This size advantage for the 2A team was not too much to overcome for the 1A team. Trailing early in the game, the 1A team came back to tie the game at halftime. After a hard-fought second half, the 1A team came out on top with a final score of 119-111.

It was a fun evening with sky-high scoring totals. The players on both teams took care of business and delighted the spectators in attendance. There was even an unofficial slam dunk contest during warm-ups before the game.

After the game when asked how they felt, both Valley boys commented it was fun to play with other guys they normally played against during the regular season. It was a different experience for both of them, but definitely a lot of fun. They were glad to have the opportunity to play in this all-star game.

We compliment the two senior boys for working hard and representing Valley High School boy’s basketball for the last four years. We wish them luck as they look to the future.