Lee Al Hammon wants your garbage. Well, actually, he doesn’t want your garbage, he wants your old throw away metals.

Western Metals Recycling, LLC owner Lee Al Hammon, has a business vision with the potential to yield numerous benefits for the northern Arizona/ southern Utah area recycling metals.

“Get the material and create jobs,” said Hammon, of his motivation for starting the business, (formerly named All Metals Recycling). “We could help keep the environment cleaner by keeping recyclable products out of landfills, as well as putting people to work.”

The business, which buys all types of metal – steel, copper and aluminum – has been operating for a year in Fredonia. Its location is also a recycled product, as it’s in a building of the former Kaibab Forest Products at 850 E. Hwy 89A.

Hammon explained that with a down economy, he was inspired to create a business that provided jobs. “In our first 30 days, we put $40,000 back into the area.”

The business began to grow. People brought metal recyclables to the business east of Fredonia. And they can’t complain, because they are basically getting paid for their junk!

“We do pay comparable prices on metal,” said Hammon. “We make it worth their while to come here.”

Once the material is collected, it is categorized by the business’ four employees. The metal is then treated in the appropriate way to make it shipment-ready for trucking to various applicable markets. “Anything you bring in, we have the machinery to unload it,” said Hammon.

Destination for the scrap metal varies. “It depends on what type of material it is,” said Hammon. “It gets shipped all over. I hope that eventually the metal will only be bought and utilized in America.”

Western Metals Recycling production in such a remote area of northern Utah is impressive. While it is the only yard within 70 miles, it has sustained a monthly steel output of 140,000 pounds for the last seven months. They take aluminum, copper, brass, batteries, lead, wire, steel, appliances, compressors, cat converters, stainless steel, electric motors and heavy equipment. Hammon said he plans to expand the recycling to eventually include cardboard, plastic and paper.

Hammon said his company’s Fredonia location has worked well for him. “Fredonia has been great to us. We’re also looking forward to doing more business with Kanab City and its residents. We hope to keep the majority of our business local.”

Western Metals Recycling, LLC will attend Earth Day events on April 20 in Kanab. Stop by their display and learn more about the exciting new recycling business.

Hours are 7 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday. If you have a question concerning metal recycling, contact Lee Al at 435-212-3292 or e-mail him at office@allmetalsrecycling.us.