Governor Gary Herbert was the keynote speaker at the Kane County Republican Convention on Friday, April 6, at the Kanab High School Auditorium. Representative Mike Noel introduced Governor Herbert, saying part of his credentials are his support of public lands issues, economics, and his representing small business issues, which is the key to understanding who pays the bills.

In his speech, Governor Herbert said, “you can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show-up,” and thanked all for their attendance. Herbert congratulated Noel, and past and present county commissioners, for their work with the public lands fight. Herbert then spoke on four important issues facing Utah – economic, education, energy and efficiency.

“Utah has been named the best place for business in the United States the past two years. The reason why is because Utah is staying to the fundamentals which are the U.S. Constitution and the Utah Constitution. Capitalism is great. We want to keep government off your backs and out of your wallets.” 

“Utah is business friendly because we have competitive tax rates and tax rates have been lowered. After being asked several times why Utah has so many business regulations, a task force was set up to find out how many 1,969 business regulations. In this last legislative session, 368 were found to have no public purpose, so they were eliminated.”

“An Education Excellence Commission has been established to determine what’s in the best interest of our students to compete in the global market and to set goals that by 2020, 66% of the population will have post high school education.”

“Utah now has a 10 year Energy Plan. It is not acceptable that we don’t have access to lower cost energy in our state. We have abundant coal and oil.”

“With efficiency, Utah has the most conservative governor elected to office since Brigham Young. Utah has been named the best-managed state government because it is labor intensive.  Utah is doing more with less labor (since 2000) and is one of eight states with an AAA Bond Rating.” 

Governor Herbert concluded that Utah has the best quality of life and that we are unique.  “We are setting an example for the rest of the country with good government, community involvement and quality of life.”

All who attended the convention had the opportunity to meet and hear candidates for: County Commission, Doug Heaton is running unopposed. Utah Senate District 24, Ralph Okerlund and Patrick Painter. Governor, those represented were Lane Ronnow, Morgan Philpot and Gary Herbert. Attorney General,  John Swallow. Auditor, Auston Johnston and John Dugall. District 73, Mike Noel, running unopposed. U.S. Senator, those represented were: Dale Ash, Dan Liljenquist and Orrin Hatch. Congressional District #2, those represented were: Cherilyn Eagar, Chuck Williams, Howard Wallack David Clark, Chris Stewart, Jeramey McElhaney and Milt Hanks.

Kane County will have 14 state delegates at the State Convention on April 21. Two open spaces were filled at the convention by 60 certified county delegates. Kudos to Kane Republican Party Chairman Kelly Stowell for a well-run convention.