Garkane Energy will have two pre-arranged power outages in our Southern System on April 15 and May 20. Each outage will be from 12 a.m. Saturday night (midnight) until approximately 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

These outages are necessary for the Western Area Power Administration at Glen Canyon to do necessary work to install a backup transformer to feed Garkane’s transmission line out of the dam. 

After the work has been completed, in association with these two outages, Garkane will have much better reliability out of Glen Canyon in case of a transformer malfunction or failure. This installation will provide Garkane a redundant transformer for backup at Glen Canyon.   

All of Kane and Garfield counties (except Antimony and Panguitch) and Northern Arizona (except Colorado City and Hildale) will be affected. 

We urge all law enforcement, hospitals, telephone entities, and churches to be aware, as these outages will run from midnight, Saturday night (12 a.m.) to approximately 6 a.m. Sunday morning (six hours total).

During these outages, Garkane crews will be out working on various projects throughout the system that need to be accomplished and can only be done when the power is out. We thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding during these two critical outages.

 Garkane reminds its members to be prepared for power outages by choosing an easily accessible closet or cupboard for an emergency supply of flashlights, batteries, and other needed items.