Junior Prom enthusiasts gathered at the Valley High School Gym to enjoy an evening of dance and fun. Upon entering the lobby, one was met with a western flair. A jailhouse holding a seedy-looking mannequin, and wanted posters of the notorious junior class graced the entry way. A livery stable, complete with a horse and bales of hay and a sign “manure happens,” welcomed the guests inside to experience yet more western scenery. Once inside the gym, the western atmosphere carried over with western music adding to the theme of “It’s gunna get a little bit Western.”

The large area decorated with western scenery, horses, bales of hay and a hint of a western town was expertly decorated by the junior class. They did get help from mothers, fathers, faculty members and town folks who came to support the juniors in their hours of decorating the large area. Streamers, lights and scenic artistry invited visual meandering, as one enjoyed the moment of simply embracing and taking part in the special moment the junior class created.

The icing on the cake was the floor show. Girls in fancy, colorful lace, satin and paisley print graced the floor, as charming gentlemen guided them through the western dance. The class showed rhythm, fancy footwork and western dance moves, with an occasional “hip bump” to the music, well-suited for the floor show performance.

The class was fortunate in having an expert choreographer. Teacher Wanda Heaton guided them through practices that brought the group to the moment of performance with elegance and total togetherness of timing and fancy foot moves. The floor show was a big hit. The girls lifted their skirts to reveal (you guessed it) boots, beneath those satin gowns. The guys were simply charming in western wear, complete with vests and boots. What a nice way to spend an evening!

The Valley Junior Prom has been a tradition at Valley High for many years. Jan Hoyt, Donna Adair and Connie Goulding are always on hand as artists and creative advisors for the Junior Class. They help the kids carry out the theme and it sure worked for 2012. “Its gunna get a little bit Western” really happened in a most elegant way. Cheers juniors, you did an awesome job!