On March 15, at 7 p.m., the Kane County Republican Party Neighborhood Precinct Caucuses are being held at the following locations: Kanab 1-Kanab Elementary School; Kanab 2-District Courtroom, at the Kane County Courthouse; Kanab 3-Kanab Library; Kanab 4-Kanab Middle School; Alton-Fire House; Glendale-Town Hall; Orderville-City Building; Cedar Mountain-Fire House; Church Wells-Church Wells Fire Department.

Some neighborhood precinct boundaries have changed. Please refer to the following link for redistricting information or to the Kane County Clerk’s Office for specific questions. http://kane.utah.gov/att/38/store/m6_2012-Voting-PrecinctsALL 2102012.pdf

Please refer to http://www.utgop.org for caucus locations, times, rules and other information. Contact the Utah State Republican Party at 801-533-9777, or directly to the Kane County GOP at 435-899-0443, if you have questions about your upcoming caucus.