One of the advantages of living in a small town is the personal interaction with the community members. Folks come to know and accept one another in a unique way.

One Glendale citizen, John Fotheringham, is a man who adds to the uniqueness of the small town. If you see John on any given day, you’ll observe a well-groomed man who walks to the post office each weekday at approximately the same time.

Routine is very important to John. He is a man with a goal and an agenda. He is one of those interesting individuals, of which the world describes as Autistic. 

With the Autism, comes a delivery of humor and wisdom, that adds spice to anyone who comes in contact with John. However there is a price, you must be willing to ask and enjoy the response.

John’s mind is like a human computer that seems to record data far beyond the ability of the ordinary man. He can recall, relate and accurately produce data from the past from his mind that borders on brilliance in some areas.

His quips and original sayings are part of the enjoyment of knowing the Fotheringhams. He is usually willing to share his wisdom.

Some of his best responses include: “Never swat flies with a hatchet.” “If you ever board an airplane and sit by a man with a turban, never say Hi Jack.”  “When asked in a church setting what he knew about the pre-existence, he quickly responded with: “For the life of me, I can’t remember.”

Other tidbits from John include, “ One should never climb a light pole to save a bird from electrocution.” “One should never substitute a fish bowl for a basketball,” and “People should never throw glasses in a brick house.” Possibly a favorite is: “If your U.S. currency says IN DOG WE TRUST, it is a real possibility that you are dealing with funny money.” 

When asked what he would change in life, he responded, “I would ask for better hearing. When God told me I was coming to earth and I would be Autistic, I thought he said Artistic.”

Glendale’s John is an integral part of our town. He is someone that makes our town what it is. It is a place of refuge and a place of acceptance for folks who land here. His social out – is  a day at the park. He loves food and enjoys his own special kind of association. He loves babies and fondly calls them “pewters.”

Many a child has met John shortly after their arrival. He seems to check out the new “pewter” in town, and enjoys patting their little heads with fondness and love. John’s many talents include his immaculate yard work, his tidiness and organization in his own space, and his many chores and tasks he does for his parents, Jean and Don, who live next door.

Many could learn a great deal from John, if one takes the time to listen and learn and share a few moments you will come to love and understand the man who adds so much wit and wisdom to our lives. We love you John and appreciate what you add to our town.