Dear Editor:

I got a real kick out of this article and the picture on the website.?I moved to Kanab as an environmentalist. I still am. But information must be correct to be of any value. I doubt Mary Anne Hitt (Director of the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign) has been to Bryce, or tried to find where the Alton Coal Mine is located.

Because of the controversy in my small town, that is exactly what I did. I took a day and stopped at every viewpoint and at every other place where you could stop and view this incredible beautiful park. I took a compass, a GPS and map. 

There is a mountain range between Bryce and Alton Coal. You cannot see or hear the mine, or any dirty air above the mountain. At night, you cannot see or hear the mine. The mine has been in operation about a year and a half so far. So, check out how they are rehabilitating the land they have already mined. 

The picture at the HaltAltonCoal website appears to be photoshopped to get you pissed off. Unfortunately, it is not even a close representation of the area.

I am an environmentalist. I was, repeat was, a big supporter of Sierra Club until I saw this. I was never a member, but I listened and believed what you said. No more. Your credibility is gone, and it will take a long time of your being absolutely honest before it returns. I feel like my lover cheated on me.

This is exactly the type of hyper-bowl that is driving a wedge between locals and environmentalists. If you want to stop this or any other project, put your arguments on the table and argue them. Do not make up BS intended only to incite (or raise donations or membership). This has driven me out of your camp. If your reasoning is real and good, people will flock behind you. If it’s not, you lose respect.

I did and am fighting the Viresco pilot coal plant in Kanab City, because it is a bad idea and a possible future toxic waste site. Where is the Sierra Club on this issue? This really is a problem for the area, but you are nowhere to be seen. 

Come on Mary Ann, this is a big lie. Admit it and then move on!

Having said that, I have not investigated the impact on wildlife, etc. and make no comment, for or against. But visually, this is just a big lie.

If Sierra Club is interested in the truth, send the GPS coordinates that the two pictures (one of the mine, one of Bryce) were taken from, and I’ll take a picture from those points. You can print them, along with a retraction. Send the coordinates to the Southern Utah News and I’ll be able to get them.

Take a lesson from the Susan G. Komen Foundation and let your members know you are more interested in the truth than exciting lies. Individuals who use this type of hype do not live up to your esteemed goals, and should not be retained.