Republican Party Neighborhood Precinct Caucuses will be held on March 15, throughout Kane County at the following locations:

•Kanab 1-Kanab Elementary School

•Kanab 2-District Courtroom, at the Kane County Courthouse

•Kanab 3-Kanab Library

•Kanab 4-Kanab Middle School

•Alton-Fire House

•Glendale-Town Hall

•Orderville-City Building

•Cedar Mountain-Fire House

•Church Wells-Church Wells Fire Department.

Please refer to the following link for redistricting information PrecinctsALL2102012.pdf

Refer to for caucus locations, times, rules, and other information.

Contact the Utah State Republican Party at 801-533-9777, or directly to the Kane County GOP at 435-899-0443 if you have questions about your upcoming caucus. 

Caucuses meet at the precinct level once every two years. A precinct is a group of typically less than 1000 registered voters assigned by your county clerk to be in the same area (usually your neighborhood). It’s the smallest political unit in Utah.

A caucus is a meeting of people from a single precinct who are members of the same political party, or who are not members and do not wish to sign up that evening, but are interested in observing how a caucus works. 

The purpose of a caucus is for a neighborhood to meet and elect precinct officers, and state and county delegates, to represent the precinct at the state or county conventions.  

Having small groups like this guarantees a direct line from citizen to candidate (a grass roots system). Every voice counts in the caucus/convention system because, when you are elected to be a delegate, you have a significant amount of influence in determining who your representatives will be.