The 2A Divisional wrestling tournament was held in Richfield last Friday and Saturday. The Cowboys wrestled in Division B where results will determine seeding for the state tournament to be held at UVU this weekend. Although the Cowboys had the smallest team there, they qualified eight wrestlers for state.

Even after eating everything in sight, freshmen Clancy Chatwin still gives up 10 pounds and Russell Clarkson 30 pounds the minute they step on the mat. Despite this huge disadvantage, Clarkson placed sixth and Chatwin seventh.

Sophomores were represented by Rodney Donn and Quincy Robinson, both finishing in sixth. Donn showed tremendous improvement this season after being hurt most of last year. Robinson was in the championship bracket when he landed wrong on his arm. X-ray results were negative, but his next opponents capitalized on the one-armed Cowboy. Hopefully he is a fast healer, and can get even at state.

Sophomore Nate Bowman once again found his grove and confidence and punished his way to a third place medal with his only loss to the division champion.

Juniors Kyle Clarkson and Tanner Guernsey found valuable experience for next year. Kyle wrestled when he was younger, but had been out a few years. Look for him to make his mark next season.

First timer Guernsey gets the “guts award” for his hard work and determination, when most would have said, “no way!” He lost a lot of weight and has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches as he placed eighth.

Senior captains Daniel Bowman and Josh Urianza did a good job of leading this young team. Daniel lost in the semi-finals in a closely-contested match, but took his last opponent to school and proudly placed third.

Returning state champ Urianza found himself in the championship against the same wrestler he lost to earlier in the season. It was a hard fought match, but Josh came up short and took second. This battle is probably not over because they should meet up again next week with a state championship on the line.

Coaches Blaine Wheeler and Porter Bowman are proud of the team and plan to work them hard this week to assure some good results at state. Thanks to the cheerleaders and fans who cheered for the Cowboys. Make sure you come join us this weekend in Orem and cheer the Cowboys on to victory.